Der Beweis wins City Of Cultures award


Short ago the project won one of the eight fundings of the City Of Cultures award of the city of Linz in the category “Sociocultural Integration of Migrants in Linz”.

The awarding ceremony was hold on January 19th 2011 in the Old Townhall of Linz.

A complete listing of all awarded projects can be found on the official website of the city of Linz.

Photo Documentation


News coverage of the project


Today an article about our telephone booth was posted on – a sub-section of der Standard which focuses on subjects of migration.

You may read it here ( – German only

The Upper-Austrian local newspaper Tips wrote an article about the project as well.

Available here: – German only

Project prolonged


Due to the many positive responses about our project we decided to leave the booth where it is right now for the time being. We already gathered the necessary permissions. Additionally we are thinking about the future utilization of the project. Any ideas are very much welcome.

The booth is set up


On Thursday we finally set up our telephone booth on the Nibelungenbrücke. Around 4 p.m. our transportation showed up to convey the booth to the bridge. Our colleagues Tim, Jamey, Bager, Hugo and Hugo helped us to position the booth on its final place and to avoid a traffic jam.

Following is a gallery of that day.


It happens hier.


Before we set up our telephone booth at the end of this week we scouted the area. Positioning the telephone booth on the Nibelungenbrücke (Nibelungen-bridge) is very promising regarding attention. However, this place is dodgy as you do not have a direct power connection, the floor is not exactly horizontal, the floor tiles ought not be damaged, the flow of traffic may not be hindered, mounting and dismounting have to happen after rush hour and you have to get a plethora of permits beforehand.

Attached are some pictures of our scouting…




A few moments ago our posters arrived. Now we have to distribute and fix them to these walls out there to call people’s attention for our project.

Below you can download the poster as a desktop wallpaper and in original A1 size. read more… »

Der Beweis in production


After a long phase of preparation – finding sponsorship and gathering permits – we finally entered the project’s stage of production. Last week we picked up our phone booth. Clean up and putting some custom made operation instructions are next.

Additionally we removed the electronics of the pay phone and soldered an TRS connector to the receiver. To boost the reciever’s volume output we used a small amplifier.

All in all things are going well so far. read more… »



At the end of May we had our sound recording session. We recorded exclusively reports of public racist incidents. In 3 days with the support of 16 volunteers we recorded almost 70 stories, which date back into the years 2001 to 2009. The reports were sponsored kindly by the anti-racism organisation ZARA from Vienna. From August 30 to September 11 you can listen to the stories inside the telephone booth once it rings. read more… »